Monday, September 15, 2008

Proper Perspective

Not one hit to left field.  How selfish.As of this morning, the Chicago National League Ball Club holds a unique place in major league baseball no-hitter history. They have gone the most consecutive games without being no-hit and they have gone the fewest games since throwing a no-hitter.

The last time the Cubs were no hit was September 9, 1965 when Sandy Koufax tossed a perfect game at them. Milt Pappas threw the Cubs last no hitter on September 2, 1972.

Prior to Carlos Zambrano last night, of course.

While last night was truly a thing of beauty to watch, the bigger news was that Z sure looks to be completely healthy. With Carlos good to go, Rich Harden on track and the rest of the pitching staff well rested, the playoff path is all set.

But the thing that was subtle that was quite refreshing to hear was when Len Kasper asked Carlos if he knew who was the last Cub to throw a no-hitter.

"Milt Pappas," was the nearly instant replay.

One guesses that Carlos Zambrano grew up pretty isolated in Venezuela. It would be hard to believe that he knew who Milt Pappas was growing up. How refreshing to think that Z has some perspective about his career. You have to think that most athletes today only have the perspective of their contract. And when they can next renegotiate. Carlos did not display such narrowness last night.

For a guy who often loses perspective between pitches, this was unexpected. And a genuine pleasure.

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