Monday, September 29, 2008

Baseball Capital of the World

Despite my disinterest in most things White Sox, they do serve a purpose her in Chicago. They remind the rest of the US of A that Chicago can host multiple sort franchises. If New York and Los Angeles can do it, so can Chicago.

Usually, the East Coast Media Filter forgets about that. Flyover country extends from the Hudson River to the Inland Empire in their minds.

But, for the next three days at least, Chicago is at the center.

Today, the White Sox play the Tigers in a effort to tie the Twins for the AL Central title and force a one game playoff. Given that the Tigers are probably not interested in playing and that they suck, the Sox will likely win. That forces game 163 tomorrow night, also in Chicago. Regardless of the outcome of that game, Wednesday sees Game 1 of the NLDS start in Wrigley Field.

It would be nice if Chicago would become the nation's focus more often. The Midwest is a far better place to live than either coast. Now, let's have our sports teams boost our ego a little bit.

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