Monday, September 22, 2008

Expectations Filled - Level 1

What was so refreshing about the Cubs clincher on Saturday was the calmness of it. There was a whole, “Been here, done this,” feel about it. The fans, while cheering at the end of the game, were very reserved. There was no standing on every two-strike pitch in the early and middle innings.

That’s the way it should be. This franchise has now won 3 division titles in 6 years. That’s actually too few for the amount of money invested, but it does exceed the total number of division titles won prior to 2003.

This team should have expectations to make the playoffs every year. The fans should have those expectations as well. And with those expectations, there seems to be a new and welcome attitude rising. Just being in the playoffs isn’t enough.

The players knew this. Lou Piniella knew this. And, for the first time, even the fans knew this.

The Magic Number is now reset to 11. While not getting that to 0 doesn’t make the whole season a waste, it does mean the season was not a success. Despite what Lou has said publicly, he knows this. His 116 win Mariner team is remembered for its playoff failure. The only thing that matters is ending your season in late October with your last game a win. And then the car salesman from Milwaukee gives you a wood trophy with 30 gold flags on it.

Anything less is a disappointment. Finally, everyone seems to know this.

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