Thursday, September 04, 2008

Getting Ugly

Tim Sassone, filling in for Bruce Miles in the Daily Herald, uses a very scary word in the opening line of his piece on Carlos Zambrano:

With Carlos Zambrano out indefinitely while the Cubs try to figure out what's wrong with his sore right arm, Sean Marshall will take over that spot in the rotation beginning Sunday in Cincinnati.

Indefinitely? Uh oh.

And Rich Harden has just returned from his trip to the Cubs doctors. His initially reported "rest to keep him fresh" has turned into missing two starts. Any month other than September and that means he's on the disabled list.

Why do the Cubs think the Baghdad Bob style of disinformation is a good way to inform the public? Just last year:

Mark Prior reported no problems and said he’ll be ready for the start of the Cactus League season.

Kerry Wood's minor shoulder problem in February that was no big deal kept him out until July.

Cut the crap, guys.

And find someone who can bat third while you're at it.

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