Thursday, September 18, 2008


In the 12th inning with Brewers on second and third and no one out, Lou Piniella went to the mound to talk to Kerry Wood. Geovany Soto, who had certified his Rookie of the Year plaque with a 9th inning, 3 run, game tying bomb, recorded the conversation for posterity:

Out of the dugout popped Cubs manager Lou Piniella for a quick chat.

"Lou went out there and asked Kerry what he wanted to do," Soto said.

Their conversation went something like this:

"I'll get three strikeouts," Wood told his skipper.

"No, just get three groundballs," Piniella said.

You hear stuff like this and wonder if the Cubs would have been so bad for so long if they'd brought in a guy as smart as Lou 25 years ago.

The Cubs will likely clinch a second consecutive division title today or tomorrow. One hopes they do it tomorrow in front of the fans instead of a win today and a Brewer loss tonight.

But even if that happens, while the division should be celebrated, it's by no means fulfilling of the real goals fo this team. Back in March, I said this team had high expectations to live up to. So far, they've done so. They aren't even close to being finished.

Let's hope they celebrate and do so at Wrigley tomorrow. But the real celebration requires 11 more wins. Everything before that is just window dressing.

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