Monday, September 08, 2008

Throw It In The Right Direction

I'm looking at you Ron...  Uh... Jolbert!Kerry Wood got mad yesterday. He got mad that Jolbert Cabrera lined a game winning hit to the left field corner and flipped his bat half way to Kentucky while ambling down to first base. Wood let Cabrera have it:

Wood screamed at a celebrating Cabrera afterward before leaving the field.

"I was just upset to lose that game," Wood said. "He enjoyed it a lot. It'll be all right."

Maybe Wood should be were upset at himself for not throwing strikes. Or, maybe he felt the need to yell at someone other than a teammate.

Maybe the bile was really directed at Ronny Cedeno (or "Cede No" as the Blogger spell checker so appropriately suggests).

Why this guy is still on a major league roster is an open question. Yes, the Cubs really have no one else on the team who can play backup short stop. But, this isn't exactly a new problem. It's been this way for this team since the season started.

Maybe when the team is finally sold, the club will be able to afford to hire an executive who has the job responsibility of reviewing the stable of talent within the organization, finding gaps in talent, and acquiring players to fill that gap.

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