Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Let's Go

As the NLDS returns to Wrigley Field for the fourth time in 11 seasons, some things are the same as previous years and some things are different. As in previous years, the Cubs are probably as good a bet to advance as they are to lose.

The difference from previous years is the expectations. No Cubs team since 1969 has faced the kind of expectations that this team has. So far, they've lived up to it. Can they keep it up for no fewer than 7 more wins? Well, if the May version of Soriano and April versions of Derrek Lee show up, then it'll be a cake walk.

If not, this team will need contributions from others who are not expected to step up. Kosuke Fukudome? Reed Johnson?

What's nearly certain is this: Anything less than a World Series appearance is a failure, pure and simple.

This is what the players have worked all year to have - the opportunity to make up for last year's turd of a playoff run.

Don't muck it up, guys.

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