Thursday, October 02, 2008

Well, That Was Fun

Sitting in section 411, row 9 last night, one couldn't help but notice one thing: Wrigley Field was quieter than a library for most of the night.

And why shouldn't it be? This is supposed to be the best team in the National League. When you lay a turd on the field, people are supposed to cheer? This team had the rest. They had Ryan Dempster and his 14 wins in Wrigley this year. They had the best offensive team in the National League. They didn't need to wait for us. In fact, when a guy like Ryan Dempster walks guys in every inning, people lose their confidence very quickly. Then you remember that Dempster doesn't have the history of being this good and is more likely to be having a Mike Bielecki season, the confidence is gone.

These guys have about 12 hours to figure out that they need to play much, much smarter or they can start making tee times for Monday.

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