Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Ellipses

...Shysterball, a blog having nothing to do with Tony LaRussa, chimes in on the Cub sale:

I have no idea if Mark Cuban still even wants to buy the Cubs, but if he does, he is basically being told that he's going to have to sue to do it. Or, more to the point, he and Sam Zell are going to have to team up to do it. Given that the only court to ever consider the matter has ruled that the anti-trust exemption does not apply to the sale of teams, such a suit stands a good chance of success in my view.

Is it good business to launch a messy lawsuit that, even if successful, only gives you the right to pay a billion bucks for a low-liquidity asset in the middle of an economic downturn? Oh, hell no.

But it would be a load of fun for the rest of us, wouldn't it?

Yes, it would be a great deal of fun.

...and Jake Peavy to the Cubs seems to be a real possibility. Such a move might preclude the Cubs from signing Ryan Dempster and Kerry Wood to long term contracts. The only downside to this trade is... what again?

...while leaving in such a trade would be Felix Pie and Ryan Theriot. Again, is there a downside to this? Other than Kosuke Fukudome moving to center? the Trib slides closer to bankruptcy, this means that the Cubs are likely going to see their budget trimmed. And, when you subtract the Cubs losing Washington Mutual as a in-stadium advertiser, revenues will be down sharply this year. Maybe we can do a fundraiser for the Tribune? Suggestions are welcome. Perhaps a "draw your favorite Cubs blogger" contest?

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