Monday, February 09, 2009

Rethinking Needed

A head scratcher from Phil Rodgers in yesterday's Tribune. Phil was trying to discuss how many good players don't have jobs and what they can do to get jobs now that camps open this week. He uses Frank Thomas as an example:

There has been so little interest in Frank Thomas he doesn't even land in the rumors. He's not going to get ready while he's out of camp, which is why the Players Association needs to organize a spring training camp for out-of-work players.

So, Big Frank wants a job and probably needs a job (Frank's history suggests he's a TARP candidate if he doesn't get a gig in MLB). But despite wanting and needing, Frank's not going to get prepared. No way, no sir. Phil's solution is to have the MLB Player's Association arrange a camp for unsigned players to work out and get ready for the season.

If a guy doesn't want to get ready, why does the MLBPA need to subsidize him? And why would dues-paying rookies want to see their dues go to help guys get jobs that would come at the expense of those rookies?

Now, maybe Phil didn't articulate his point properly. Maybe Phil means Frank has the desire to get ready but is unable to get ready as renting a whole ball field and the staff to help him is prohibitively expensive. That would still be wrong. Just check out Strike Zone in Niles for a good practice venue. And their costs are very affordable, even for bankers trying to get their sons ready for little league, much less a guy with career earnings of $104,634,000.

Nice thought, Phil. But nonsensical.

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