Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Day 2 - Depth Tested

So, last night, while awaiting election returns and getting kids in bed, I glance from time to time at the Cubs game. All of a sudden, I hear Len Kasper say that Koyie Hill is getting his first at bat of the season. This doesn't strike me as strange until I realize that it's not the second or third inning. It's more like the fifth.

Uh oh... Where's Geovany Soto?

Well, it seems he has a bad shoulder:

"I kind of over-exposed my shoulder a little bit," Soto said. "There was a little discomfort in my shoulder. I felt some weakness in it, and I felt I didn't have a shot if somebody else [tried to steal]. I need to keep up my exercises, and we'll see how it is in a couple days."

Soto said he had the same problem in Spring Training and doesn't expect to miss much time, according to the report.

Soto hurt this in spring training? I don't recall him being in spring training that much. I wonder what he was doing that he could have hurt himself? Maybe throwing too hard somewhere before he was really ready?

World Baseball Classic, my ass!

If Geo misses any significant amount of time, this is all on Bud Selig.

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