Friday, April 03, 2009

Hats Off To Jerry

If you are going to build a football team's offense via the draft, it generally pays to draft the QB a year or two before you draft a running back. The shelf life these days of a good running back is maybe 5 or 6 prime years. The quarterback usually takes two years to get up to speed. If you draft the RB first, you may waste some of his most productive years drafting and grooming a quarterback.

So, last year, the Bears drafted Matt Forte. While Forte is not the best back in the NFL, the guy did very well as a rookie and still has plenty of upside. The problem was that the Bears didn't have a competent passing game to go with him. Yes, Kyle Orton wasn't the only problem with the passing game, but does anyone beyond the twelve toed goofs who call Boers and Burnstein really think he was part of the answer?

Jerry Angelo could have drafted a QB this year and, if he panned out, have a good QB right around the time Forte was past his peak.

Instead, he spent two draft picks and swapped positions on a third to get a 25-year old Pro Bowl quarterback in Jay Cutler. And he dumped the contract of the guy Cutler is replacing in the process.

There's a downside here?

Balls out, Jerry. And nice gamble on Orlando Pace, too. Now for a wide receiver or three. Hey! As long as you are signing old ex-Rams, why not Tory Holt?

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