Friday, April 24, 2009

"You Are All Stupid" - Cubs Marketing

Buried in the game notes story about extra base hits and carpeting jingles was this brilliance from the Cubs front office:

"People understand that we obviously don't want to get into the Jumbotron business and we don't want to add 15 million signs all over Wrigley Field, and it's with the understanding that 100 percent [of the advertising revenues] goes to player payroll," (Cubs marketing director Matt Wszolek) said.

Yes, Matt. We understand that.

We ALSO understand that, if 100% of a certain revenue stream is dedicated to one certain expense category, revenues from other streams can be diverted to other uses.

Matt expects us to believe that if he were to sign a deal with, say a fast food company, all that new money would go to salaries. But since salaries are contracted before the season starts, does this mean that every player gets a raise with the new money? What if a new advertiser comes in mid-year? How does that money make its way to salaries?

But, a even better question would be to ask what happens to the money that paid those salaries before the new deal got signed? Does that money, say, from TV revenues, get distributed because there is more ad revenue now? Where does it go? To the Tribune to support their debt service?

It probably shouldn't go to the marketing department spokesman, that's for sure.

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