Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Ellipses

Five days in Palm Springs is usually fun, especially when the Murton's great grandfather is celebrating his 90th birthday. But when the temperature is an average of 10 degrees higher than the age of the birthday boy, returning home to 60 degree weather isn't such a bad thing.

...and the Cubs were as cold as Palm Springs was hot. Yes, the Cubs still have a strong balance sheet from which to recover, but losing 8 straight to the Padres, Cardinals, Pirates and Astros is a heavy cash burn.

...but "flu-like symptoms" are affecting Derrek Lee and Bobby Scales. Is this code for "hangover" or something else?

...and this page's favorite player, who had an awful, awful April 2008 followed by a pretty strong May 2008 has swapped those months in 2009. Perhaps the two walks on Monday and the hit last night show that he's starting to come out of one of his typical month-long slumps.

...Jake Peavy was nearly a White Sock, but refused to go be a fly ball pitcher in a home run haven. Smart. But Barry Rozner thinks that the Cubs could still land Peavy if the Ricketts family gives the OK. Barry, there's still no guaranty the Ricketts are going to ever own the Cubs! No way that Sam Zell allows a deal to be made to bring in another $60+ million in expenses if there's even a 1% chance that Sam ends up paying the bill. The Cubs are stuck with this roster, save minor, no-cost moves (like dumping Aaron Miles for Jake Fox), until the ownership is settled. Any moves made will be either salary neutral or result in a salary reduction., LeBron James hits a buzzer beating 25 foot shot to win a playoff game in Cleveland and all the talk is about how this becomes the contra to Michael Jordan's "The Shot" of 1989 in Cleveland lore. Ignoring the Jordan's shot was on the road, for a 40 win team playing against a 50 win team, maybe someone should remind everyone that Jordan's shot also won a playoff series. LeBron's shot looks to go down in history as the only thing that stopped a sweep.

..."And if I do get appointed, that means I bought it," said Roland Burris on a wire tapped phone conversation with ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich's brother. Roland, it's the people of Illinois calling. Time to come home now.

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