Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's Been 25 Years Since a Hall Of Fame Career Was Born

This was our "Kennedy Moment." We all know where we were when this game was played. I was in Lake Bluff in a gas station parking lot selling sparklers and smoke bombs for the 4th of July. I listened to the game on a rather large, very 1980's boom box.

After we were done working for the day, I drove myself home and stopped at my uncle's house. I asked him if he'd watched the game. "Turned it off!" he said snappishly. "So, you don't know what happened?" I asked.

In those pre-internet, not much ESPN days, he had to wait for the 10 PM news to see the results.

Thanks to the magic of Comcast Sports Net and a DVD burner, here is Ryne Sandberg's at bat in the bottom of the ninth inning and the full bottom of the tenth inning of The Sandberg Game. The tenth inning is a little long, but it's worth watching the whole thing. With the 2 run lead and Bruce Sutter on the mound, Bob Costas gets his verbal signoff credits in as the game was effectively over. Then, Dernier takes ball four on a pitch that would have Hawk Harrelson hemorrhaging out his ears in umpire hatred. Finally, watch Sutter's disgust at giving up the second long ball (looking an awful lot like Kerry Wood after serving up a meat pitch to Derrek Lee earlier this week).

If you need any more setup than that, click the link to read Mike Donohue's excellent summary.

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