Monday, June 22, 2009

Nice Weekend. Now, Get To Work

Last year, as a guest of a friend, I attended a game where the Cubs fell behind 9-1 and won 10-9. This year, same host, Cubs only trail by 7. Similar outcome.

Thus wraps up a 5-3 home stand, the results of which would be even more impressive if they'd beaten a decent team in that run. Only Minnesota is marginally good. The White Sox and Cleveland are putrid. Let's see if they can keep any momentum going on their day trip to Atlanta and excursion into Detroit. If they can, there may be reason to get excited about this team for reasons other than simply being tied for first place in the loss column.

A few other quick hits:

- A standing ovation for Mark DeRosa? Really? This guy is a poor man's Keith Moreland! What a pathetic display.

- Kerry Wood in another uniform is a sad sight. Until he gets to the mound. Then, the sight is quite welcome. For as bad as the contracts are that Jim Hendry hands out (Neifi Perez - 2 years; Aaron Miles - 2 years; Jason Marquis - 3 years; Milton Bradley - 3 years; Alfonso Soriano - 8 years), giving Kerry Wood multiple years was pretty dumb.

- And a quick thanks to Bruce Miles who dropped by the seats. Bruce brought down a press/stats pack from the press box for us to peruse through. Much appreciated.

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