Thursday, July 02, 2009

Leading Off...

He's a little older than 13.Nice work by 27-year old Sam Fuld last night. That's the way to have a major league season debut. It's also the way to lead off. Many noticed this, including Bruce Miles with some not so veiled criticism of the guy Fuld replaced in the lineup:

Fuld also saw a total of 26 pitches in his 5 plate appearances, showing ideal patience for a leadoff hitter. That's something rarely seen in Soriano, whose batting average has plummeted to .230 after a miserable June in which he hit .198 and struck out 23 times while drawing 10 walks.

Soriano's on-base percentage, a vital statistic at the top of the order, has sunk to .296, the lowest of any of the Cubs' everyday players.

"I talked to (Soriano Tuesday) and told him about players around the league getting some time off and that it might have helped them," Piniella told reporters before the game. "I told him that's what I planned to do. So we'll see."

Give him another day off, Lou.

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