Thursday, August 06, 2009

Not Good

Barry Rozner used to be a good read. Something happened to him a few years ago and he's spiraled down to Morrisey levels. Take this from today. Only 3 sentences, but 67% of them are mind numbing:

It wouldn't be shocking if the White Sox find a way to have Jake Peavy start at Wrigley Field in a makeup game Sept. 3, furthering the pain Cubs fans already feel about the Peavy trade to the South Side.

And some of those injured fans have taken to blaming GM Jim Hendry for failing to land Peavy, but Hendry did everything he could for the better part of eight months and is not the reason Peavy finally accepted the Sox' deal.

Sam Zell is the one to blame, as Peavy finally gave up on the notion that the Cubs sale will get done before Peavy reaches retirement.

So, the White Sox, despite winning a World Series a few years ago, having Cubs owner Sam Zell as part of their ownership group, and broadcasting their games on the Cubs' parent company's TV station wants to make the Cub fans feel more pain?

About not having a pitcher who hasn't pitched in months and is on the DL?


And what Cub fans are blaming Jim Hendry? Not even the Oldest Murton does that. At 9, even he knows what's going on and that budgets are frozen. Hell, he even asked the other day which type of bankruptcy the Glen Town Center might go through. "The kind where the sell it all or the other kind?"

But Barry closes nicely. Sam Zell is to blame. And the sale that was going to be done two weeks ago (according to David Kaplan) is not anywhere near completion.

Nice recovery. Next time, start with the good stuff and leave the drivel out.

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