Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tale of Two Quotes

"You have six good starters, counting Gorzelanny. Larry and Lou will make the adjustments, probably strengthen the bullpen obviously too, with that. If we can get Soriano and Soto swinging the bats a little better, and Rammy coming back, then I think your whole offense takes on a different mind-set. "We have players who are good enough. We just haven't been able to keep them on the field or click on all cylinders more than a couple of weeks here or there." - Jim Hendry

"We lost two games we should have won, which [would have put] us a half-game out of first place. We've thrown away a dozen games that way this year, which [has cost] us where I thought we would be, in first place and in a good position. But we deserve what we've got. I'm not happy with a lot of what I see. We're underachievers. We can be a dangerous playoff team, but you first have to play well enough, play smart enough, play intense enough, to where you show you want to be in the playoffs. It can't just be lip service. I don't want to hear it anymore. Get the job done." - Kenny Williams

Now, ask yourself this: Which GM is the one that has the confidence of having won a World Series and which is the one with his job is on the line?

Regardless what happens the rest of the way, the odds of a new owner keeping Jim Hendry on continue to get longer.

To be clear, that is a good thing.

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