Thursday, September 17, 2009

Leaving Early

Last night was only the second game of the year I attended. Both times, the Cubs fell behind by big margins early. Both times I left early. Only the first time did they come back to win.

Some observations from Section 228 last night:

- No shows were probably about 5,000 or more. Pretty big chunks of seats in the 100 level sections along the third base side an the 200 level sections on the first base side were clearly empty.

- When Milton Bradley looked at 4 straight pitches in his first at bat, the last three of which were strikes, he was soundly booed by the fans. The booing was nowhere near as loud as it has been in the past for Jacque Jones and LaTroy Hawkins, but maybe the no shows were a function of that.

- When Mike Fontenot batted next and tapped out, no one booed. This was surprising at first given Fontenot's miserable season. Then I remembered that Fontenot likely doesn't have the same problems with Chicago restaurant staff that Bradley does.

- The Cubs should have traded Rich Harden. No one is going to offer him a multi-year deal at big bucks and the Cubs will likely not offer him arbitration as they can't afford the financial risk that he'll accept it. It is possible that Harden could return if they successfully dump some combination of Soriano, Fukudome and Bradley and recover enough salary to pay for Harden. Hard to see that all happening prior to arbitration deadlines.

- Richard Dreyfuss? Really? I actually heard that in my car. Made we wish I'd stayed at the game. Or wrapped my car around an oak tree.

- Nice job installing the flat screens for the people seated downstairs who may have obstructed views. Now, get rid of the 4x3 monitors that remain. They really look tacky next to the flat screens and they are so old the picture is not viewable.

I have four tickets for the game on Friday, October 2nd. I wonder if I go or eat these? I guess it will be a weather-based game time decision. Might be fun just to count the empty seats that day.

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