Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shawon Goes To College

Only one comment needed. I love how Reuters attempted to verify Shawon's signature:

Former Chicago Cubs shortstop Shawon Dunston has objected in bankruptcy court to the sale of the team because it owes him money to pay for a college education, according to court documents filed on Thursday.


Dunston wrote to the judge to object.

"I, Shawon Dunston, being a former player of the Chicago Cubs from 4-9-85 - 10-5-95/4-5-97 - 10-4-97 am entitled to college scholarship funds obligated to me by the Chicago Cubs," said the three-sentence handwritten letter. "To date, these scholarship funds have not been paid to me."

The two-time All-Star was the first overall draft pick in 1982, selected straight out of high school. Major League Baseball's website lists his college as "N/A."

Dunston, who retired in 2002 and currently works for the San Francisco Giants, could not be reached for comment. The signature on the letter appeared to match Dunston's signature on sports memorabilia.

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