Friday, September 11, 2009

"That Was A Beautiful Play!"

Wen left off yesterday with Neal Anderson grabbing a low Jim Harbaugh pass after time had expired for a game tying touchdown (Kevin Butler's PAT was good). Overtime was much like regulation play.

Both teams traded a possession each with pretty shabby drives. The Jets got the ball back for a second time and started to move the ball. Bear fans began to feel the game slipping away. Then, Mike Singletary got a little Ron Cox in him and, once again...

All hell broke lose.

- Pat Leahy and Mel Ott were mentioned in the same sentence

- Bruce Coslett applauded

- Mike Stonebreaker translated what a ref's missed field goal signal for Mike Ditka

- Tom Waddle refused to do anything wrong

- Dan Dierdorf passed the Boston College athletic spelling test

- Cap Boso tried on some Prescription Athletic Turf as an eye guard

- Jim Harbaugh smiled with disbelief

- Instant Replay demonstrated that the 1991 iteration didn't work very well

- Tim Weigel rescheduled his interview

- William "Refrigerator" Perry, who had told the media that week that he didn't shower after a game before going home, had to be pulled out of his car

- Instant Replay proved that the 1991 iteration didn't work very well

And thus ended possibly the wackiest game in Bear history.

The 2009 season starts Sunday.

Packers suck.

Go Bears!

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