Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Managing Ambiguity

As we bide our time between the end of the Bears season and the start of the Cubs season (wouldn’t now be the perfect time for the Stanley Cup?), there's very little activity for us to follow.

That's why small issues get magnified. Issues like the Bears Dave McGinnis-like search for an offensive coordinator.

The latest is that Baltimore Ravens quarterbacks coach Hue Jackson changed his mind and canceled his interview today. Why? Well, one Brad Biggs suggests that Jackson wants nothing to do with Lovie Smith’s death march. Biggs also suggests that Jackson may not want anything to do with Jay Cutler, either.

What are the chances that the team ends up unable to hire a coordinator for a few weeks. Lovie goes back to Jerry Angelo and says, "I've interviewed everyone. Only Mike Martz will do."

Jerry says back to Lovie, "I told you 'No,' on him already." (as reported by Terry Boers)

The two of them get into a pissing match and Jerry fires Lovie.

Now, that would be a fun to fill the gap between sport seasons.

Oh, to have a copy of Michael McCaskey's book.

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