Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Job Growth

While the Cubs on the field are pretty much the same as last year (well, 85% of the same in left field), front office changes continue to be made:

The Cubs today announced two front office hires for newly created positions within the organization. Jahaan Blake has been hired as the club's director of fan experiences and Kevin Saghy has been named the club's public relations and marketing specialist.


Blake will be responsible for creating and maintaining an outstanding fan experience for visitors to Wrigley Field and for those interacting with the Chicago Cubs through all fan forums. She will also oversee a team of proactive fan service representatives responsible for monitoring the Wrigley Field experience before, during and after games and responding to fan requests for information or suggestions.


With the Cubs, Saghy will be responsible for monitoring and creating exposure for the marketing, community affairs and additional business efforts of the Cubs. He will work closely with the organization's corporate and community partners to enhance awareness of the Cubs brand, the partners' brands and their collaborative efforts.

So, the Cubs have hired a person to take care of the Cubs as a brand and another person to take care of the fans in the stands.

The first hire sounds like a great business decision. The second sounds like a euphemism for "Well, the game on the field sucks, but how can I help you have more fun in the ballpark?"

Yeah, there are plenty of Cub fans who are satisfied with a great day in the sun, and one supposes hiring a person to cater to such mopes isn't the worst thing in the world. After all, these are the fans the buy tickets no matter what. Giving them a baby sitter makes a good deal of sense, especially given that the Ricketts just might have to earn some trust.

But isn't the best way to give the fans a satisfying day simply to win?

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