Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Let There Be Light!

As pitchers and catchers report, Ivy Chat returns from the darkness to discuss the issues of the day.

- Bruce Miles is in first with the Cubs spring training roster. Expect Starlin Castro to move up in his paragraphs going forward.

- Miles' fellow Daily Heralder Barry Rozner was on the radio today blasting Tom Ricketts for not making a bigger splash in the off season in terms of adding talent. What Barry refused to say is where on the roster Barry thinks the Cubs should have cut and who Barry thinks the Cubs should have added. Unless he thinks that benching someone who plays left, right, first, third or catcher makes sense, there was really not much out there to make the Cubs better at center, second or short.

An unused ticket- Waxpaperbeercup went off on the Cubs for grossing up ticket prices by the amount of the City of Chicago Amusement tax in 2010 instead of just including the tax in the face value of the ticket. Here's an unused ticket stub from last year. Weren't the Cubs already doing this, or does he mean that the same ticket today would cost $38.75?

- Let me see if I understand this: I can use my ATM card with a Visa logo on it anywhere in the world to buy a TV set and have the money debited almost instantly from my checking account. But the Illinois primary system can't determine who is the Republican nominee for governor for over two weeks after the election? Time to completely modernize our voting system.

- Ryan Theriot looks like he is going to press to arbitration and force Jim Hendry to actually hold a hearing. Sounds like Ryan isn't scared of what Hendry will have to say, either because Hendry doesn't have many bad things to say or because Hendry won't be around as long as Theriot will.

- And finally, there's still a chance the Cubs will move to Florida and vacate Arizona. It seems The King of Corporate Wellfare, Jerry Reinsdorf, is leading the objection to having ticket prices for the White Sox (and all other Cactus League teams) raised by $1 to help pay for the Cubs to build a new stadium. Let this page be one that hopes the Cubs run and dont walk to Naples. No, it's not because teams that play in Florida win a lot of World Series (although that doesn't hurt) It's because no such decision, short of ripping down Wrigley Field, would announce to Cub fans that the Ricketts are really changing the way the Cubs operate.

The franchise needs big, bold changes. Naples would be a big, bold change.

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