Tuesday, March 23, 2010

50,000 Watts of Indifference

Late on Sunday evening, a text on my cell phone appeared. The message alerted me that David Kaplan was, once again, requesting Andy Dolan, Bad Kermit and me to grace WGN's airwaves with our voices and opinions.

Last time, WGN provided food, beverages, and 90 minutes of airtime. This time, we were treated to 20 minutes in the Comcast WGN Green Room. Other than a couch and two chairs that Steve and Johnnie probably sleep, the room has an old radio to listen to whomever is on air and a card catalog of WGN's record albums. A card catalog? You'd think Sam Zell would have sold these by now to raise cash.

At 7:57 PM sharp, we were paraded into the Showcase Studio and the three of us took the same seats as we had back in December.

And off we went.

If anything, it's easier the second time around. And, if things go well, the "All Star Blogger All-Star Break Report" will be in the offing.

If you haven't heard the jocularity, it can be heard by clicking below or by going directly to the WGN website.

Part 1

Part 2

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