Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Smart Guys

Yesterday, on the 5 minute commute from office to home, Boers and Bernstein were discussing Jumbotrons and blowing up the Cubs roster this year.

And they absolutely nailed it.

Not only are the expectations for the Cubs in the tank nationally (except you know where), but the time to do it may be during the season this year. And they pulled back the curtain on Jim Hendry:

"I don't want him making those deals." - Terry Boers


There is no basis to know that Jim is the guy to build a team by identifying young talent. Sure, he can fleece the Pirates. But Jim saw a team go from 5 outs from the World Series to a team that lost 96 games. How did he turn it around? Hendry got the Trib to unzip the the wallet to re-fill an empty park.

They, appropriately, take Hendry to task for giving out no trade clauses. They note that $140 million payrolls are a thing of the past.

And Bernstein also says that the Ricketts clan has already thought about this. And they have a plan.

The confidence in the Ricketts is welcome, if yet unwarranted and undeserved. Let's hope Dan is right, because Derrek Lee, Ted Lilly and Aramis Ramirez could be the key to the Cubs winning a World Series.

It will just take someone other than Jim Hendry to make it happen.

Take a listen to the first 15 minutes. Dead solid perfect.

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