Monday, April 26, 2010

All Kinds of Dumb

If you haven't heard yet, you soon will heard about the new Cubs-Sox City Series Trophy:

Multiple sources tell the Tribune that during a Monday morning news conference, the Cubs and White Sox will announce a new tradition -- a trophy (and the public bragging rights) to the club which wins the annual city series between them. We're told a tiebreaker is in place should the teams split the six games 3-3.

Yes, that's what will spice up this series: A trophy that no fan will ever see save for when it sits on the winner's dugout steps for 20 minutes at the end of each year's series ends.

The whole Cubs-Sox thing has certainly lost some luster over the years and the creation of this faux award certainly is an acknowledgment of such. See, now you will watch not just to see who wins, but who can raise the trophy over their heads.

The Trib already has its suggestions for what the trophy should look like (see below). These suggestions are the funniest things to come out of Tribune Tower since Sam Zell told his staff to do things that are anatomically impossible.

If the Cubs and Sox really want to spice this series up, the way to do it is to play fewer games, not more. MLB should get rid of the annual "Geographic Rivalries" in favor of a true inter-league rotation that has every team play every other team on a three year cycle, not one team every year and all the rest kind of haphazardly.

A Cubs-Sox series every three years would be an event, not just an excuse for the Ligue's to get drunk with the Trixies.

But owners need to sell tickets every year, not every three years. Alas, we're going to be stuck with this stupidity.
Second City has nothing on Trib comedy writers

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