Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Everyone is Panicking -- Why?

A team loses three in a row to two of the worst teams in the National League and people start freaking out. And some of the people actually matter.

Bruce Levine suggests trading a 20 year old #1 pick in the name of Josh Vitters for 32-year old Padre reliever Heath Bell.

Al Yellon, a guy known as much for rational baseball thought as Kuma's Corner is known for low cholesterol food also suggests trading (actually, "cutting bait") Vitters. But Yellon wants to acquire Bell, or a pitcher who is already injured and hasn't even pitched in the majors this year. Yes, let's bring back Kerry Wood! Al goes further and says he doesn't want to replace Carlos Marmol as closer (exact quote: "If you're looking to replace Marmol as closer (I'm not)"), but only 200 words later says that Carlos Zambrano should replace Marmol as closer.

I guess Al doesn’t read what he writes. Note taken to do the same.

Lou Piniella looks at his team and sees them scoring more than 4 runs only 5 times so far this year and starts messing with his lineup.

Fans you talk to are wondering if Tom Ricketts is going to be willing to pony up more dollars to fix this team.

This all makes you want to ask these dopes the following question: This performance actually surprises you? What did you think was going to happen to the team the way it was constructed?

Coming into the year, the book said: Good starting pitching, good closer, weak bullpen, questionable offense with its best players aging.

Isn't that exactly what we've seen?

The people freaking out over the performance of the Cubs must be the same people who, every year, fail to see winter coming.

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