Thursday, July 22, 2010

Look Who Wants A Baseball Team

Dateline Forth Worth:

FORT WORTH, Texas – A bankruptcy judge has ruled that the Aug. 4 auction of the Texas Rangers won't be delayed, and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban may be among the bidders.

Angry creditors argued Thursday that other interested buyers would not have time to secure financing and suggested a Sept. 30 auction.

The starting bid will be from the group led by Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan and sports attorney Chuck Greenberg. Major League Baseball endorsed the Ryan-Greenberg group after it was selected in the original bidding process last year, but the $575 million deal has been stalled by creditors.

Cuban's attorney said his client has been approved by MLB and hopes to submit a bid.
Creditors forcing an auction? A high net worth guy rushing to take advantage to bid? Courts all over this?

There's no way anyone could have predicted this!

Maybe some day Cuban will be able to swap the Rangers for the Cubs and then we'll be on our way to a championship like Loria had with the Marlins and Henry had with the
And just like last time, the bankrupcy court will look at Cuban's hard currency (or lack of) and throw away his imaginary bid just as fast as he puts it on the table. Ditto for the owners. Nice try though Chucky.
It would difficult to learn whether the statement is true or not, but Cuban's lawyer indicated that Cuban had been approved by MLB.
Do you suppose Hendry will get some trades done today?
I'm not overwhelmed by Hendry's accomplishments so far. Considering how much money the Cubs had to throw into the deal to get LA to make the trade, it isn't much of a salary savings. I'm glad that Theriot is finally gone, but I wish that Hendry had tried harder to move him when he was hitting .350+ earlier in the season. Then you might have gotten something more substantial for him.
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