Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just Wondering...

"We have a history of having a bad year and fixing it rather quickly and rebounding." - Jim Hendry

Aren't you supposed to have NO bad years?

Doesn't Hendry have a history of turning things around quickly when he has an armored car full of money to throw at free agents? I suspect that isn't going to be the scenario this off-season.
Hendry has a history of crashing good teams as well. In fact, he's done that twice now.
"Aren't you supposed to have NO bad years?"

Everyone has bad years unless your the Yankees.
"We're going to get good, and we're going to stay good." - Jim Hendry, January 2007.

Liar or moran, take your pick.
They did get good. Unfortunately Hendry tinkered with handedness and clubhouse presence over talent.

Now we suck again.

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