Friday, April 01, 2011

The Beginning of the End?

Can you at least remove the parrot? They're not dead... yet
I don't know about Chuck being the only pessimist. I didn't have high hopes for this team on opening day and I know a lot of folks blogging and commenting on the team didn't either. Maybe this team can win 80-85 games if everything goes well, although I think 75 is more likely. And maybe if everything goes right, maybe 85 wins will be enough to win the NL Central. Maybe this year's Cubs can repeat the success of the 2010 Chicago Bears. All their opponents will suffer key injuries so they don't have to face their key players. That strategy worked for the Mets in '73.

Stew, are you obsessed with Chuck? You don't like him, disagree with everything he writes and yet you keep coming back here to post.

Regarding Silva, hooray they made a good decision. But this is Chuck's blog so he can write about whatever he wants to write about. If you think certain subjects need to be covered, then you can always start your own blog or hijack the comments section here.

Have a good one.
He can't hijack the comments section. Stew is not welcome here.
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