Friday, August 19, 2011

Buh Bye

I think I'll have a drinkIn what was the Ricketts' family's best move since refinancing some of their bank debt, Jim Hendry has been dismissed as General Manager of the Chicago Cubs.

Now, this move comes two years later than it should have. When the Ricketts got the team in 2009, they should have either fired Hendry on the spot or extended his contract. Instead, they dithered and blew two minor league drafts and millions on Milton Bradley.

That said, if you are going to change GMs, now was the perfect time to do it.

See, the best time to hire a new GM is right after a draft and signing period is complete. If you bring in the new GM just before the draft, the new guy is most likely unprepared and will have to conduct the draft using the scouts and data from the previous regime. That's not a good idea since the new GM will have his own scouting and development people he wants to hire and his own metrics to select new players.

You also don't want to hire the new GM during the post-draft signing period as the old GM will have already talked to agents for the draftees and has managed all the negotiations. A new GM hired post-draft but during the signing period could be a recipe for disaster.

Either way, you could blow a whole draft year by changing close to the draft.

The best time to change is right now. The new GM gets a full year to get his scouts in place for the draft and 8 to 10 weeks to review the organization and determine off-season free agent needs. If you wait to the end of the season, you cost your new GM the chance to see your minor leaguers in play and shorten his free agency prep.

Jim Hendry's disastrous reign is over. Hope once again springs eternal at Wrigley. And the Ricketts finally did something right.

I wouldn't characterize his entire reign as "disastrous", just everything after Ryan Dempster gave up the grand salami to James Loney.
It didn't take you long making a comment about the long delayed Mr. Hendry departure. Let's hope this is the start of making the team on the North Side competitive again. Now if only he could get rid of those contracts for (fill in the blanks)..........
This board still stinkxs....
I like to run fast..
I can hardly run
I like the buffet still...
I miss Jim Hendry
What was the point of firing Jim Hendry mid-season? The franchise continues to be rudderless with or without him. And fer gawd's sake, why didn't they fire Quade at the same time? The kids need to play so the next GM can have some data to go on to see if they will be in his future plans for the franchise. Why wouldn't you play Colvin against a pitcher against whom he has 4 homers in 14 at bats?
"I'm old school".
A ChicagoNow blog is claiming Crane Kenney will be out as President at the end of the season. No word on whether he might be retained in a lower position.
I am coming out of retirement and will patrol RF at Wrigley once more! Return of the Warrior!!
i think i can, i think i can
"I wonder if the Bears are still in the market for a WR".
maybe Steve Stone was right, i might as well be selling cars...

Maybe Stewie was right all along..
Even I have stopped drinking blue Kool-Aid...
Ditto for me!
I'm taking my talents to South Beach....
Kenny Williams and the Cubs fans can kiss my latin behind. Adios!!!!
I'll see you and your damn rats when I come back next year on my boat bitches!
Kyle Farnsworth and I like cruising Rush Street for loose women. I always get sloppy seconds!
I should be the Cubs next manager. I know all about goats and then some!,0,1969311.story

We feel more out of touch by the day...
No way do I want to move to Chicago
Not even my pink polo shirt can hide my stupidity!,0,5409625.column
No matter what happens, I will out manage the Cubs next year. Bank on it!
Until I beat your a$$ again for old time's sake..and then you might not be managing anyone!
no way would I want to be a Cub, your team is doomed to remain in the cellar.
I think we need to work on counting....
I am hanging up my spikes and joining Second City Comedy. Should be more sell out crowds in 2012 than the Cubs.
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